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Welcome to Millicent Racing Club

The Millicent Racing Clubs main activity is to supply and maintain training facilities for 50 local horses and as back up to trainers from Mount Gambier, Penola and Naracoorte.

The Club runs one meeting per year (Millicent Cup) at the Mount Gambier Racecourse. This meeting enjoys very good support from the Millicent and District community.

The Millicent Region

Millicent, a thriving town in the heart of time country 50 km from Mt Gambier, is not only a fascinating, culturally-switched on community in its own right, but is the gateway to some of the state’s most exciting tourist traps.

The National Trust Millicent Museum, whose collection includes 16 immaculately restored horse-drawn vehicles and carriages, and the Admella Gallery are well worth a visit, while the Civic and Arts Centre is the hub for performing artists and entertainers.

The boardwalks skirting Lake McIntyre allow close-ups of the waterbirds which flock on this sanctuary.

Beyond Millicent lies Canunda National Park, the spectacular Tantanoola Caves and the southern ports. The park, only 5 km out of town, is characterised by sea-sculpted cliffs, moving dunes, turbulent surf beaches and Lake Bonney. The disabled accessible caves are a wonderland of stalactites, stalagmites and grottoes, while you can meet the legendary Tantanoola Tiger, in the village pub. Panic, it seems, pervaded the township in 1899 when a local farmer swore he'd seen a tiger take one of his sheep. A hunt was organised and the marauder cornered and shot. The stuffed carcass of the killer, an Assyrian wolf hound, still decorates a trophy case in the bar of the Tiger Hotel.

Club Mission 

The club's mission is to provide a quality training facility that will attract maximum potential usage and therefore maximise income and participation in the industry. Also, to develop our annual meeting to maximise customer patronage, income and returns to industry stakeholders.


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