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Quorn Jockey Club

The town of Quorn began with the surveying of the railways. It would eventually become the junction of the Sydney-Perth and Adelaide-Darwin railway systems. When a hundred years later it lost the railway traffic it had to rely on its other services to farmers and pastoralists. As the gateway to the Flinders Ranges, the tourist industry has become an important revenue earner.

Because of its beautiful surroundings and climate, several films have been made in and around the town. The first, in 1949, was Bitter Springs followed by Kangaroo in 1951, Robbery Under Arms, The Sundowners and Sunday Too Far Away. Parts of Kangaroo and The Sundowners were also filmed at Corunna Station at the foot of Corunna Hills near Iron Knob.

Quorn Jockey Club Track

quorn track dimensions

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