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Whether it be a passion or a passing interest, there is nothing more Australian than "a day-at-the-races". Over the past few years there has been a resurgence in racing with increases in On-course patronage, memberships, racehorse ownerships and most importantly sponsorships.

Murray Bridge Racing Club offers excellent facilities for corporate hospitality and the opportunity to raise the profile of your business through sponsorship of the Club.

Sponsorship comes in many forms:

  • Race name (eg: Sambec Sheds SABOIS Maiden Plate)
  • Entire Race Day (eg: Daish Irrigation and Fodder Raceday)
  • Raceday Naming Rights (eg: Sprycrete Christmas Cup Raceday)
  • Series of Races (eg: Request Recruitment Scorch The Turf Series)
  • Yearly Sponsor (All the benefits of Race name sponsorship multiplied x12 throughout a racing season - maximum exposure & repetitive advertising)

Some of the entitlements and benefits of sponsoring with the Murray Bridge Racing Club are:

  • Race naming rights
  • Race entry
  • Raceday Hospitality
  • Advertisement in the racebook
  • Acknowledgment of sponsorship in all advertising for the raceday. This may include The Murray Valley Standard, 5MU, Power FM, The Advertiser Form Guide, Radio TAB and all TAB agencies
  • Television exposure on Sky Channel - Murray Bridge races are broadcast to well over 6000 TAB outlets throughout Australia, all Hotel & Club outlets in addition to all households with Foxtel/Austar AND into private homes through free to air Channel 78 -
  • On course displays and signage
  • Advertising on Club website



Have you ever thought about Signage Sponsorship?

MB Starting GatesStarting gate signage sponsorship

Without a doubt, Starting Gate Signage offers the highest level of National and occasionally International coverage of all On-course signage.

With cameras stationary at the starting position as horses are loaded into the barriers, it has been identified that this position is THE prime opportunity for sponsorship.

The benefits of this sponsorship are:-

  • Cameras could be stationary on a start for anything up to a minute (especially if a horse proves unruly in the barriers)
  • Height and position of signage will optimise coverage at the start of each race
  • Minimum of 120 races per annum - this accumulates to approximately 26 minutes of stationary National air time
  • High visibility of signage to On-course patrons, members and sponsors and the Off-course consumer through TAB's, over 6000 Hotels nationally and private homes via SKY Channel/TVN and free to air Channel
  • Head on footage of starts of races
  • An association with the high profile racing industry
  • Signage included in online footage of ALL races and also Barrier Trials.

Starting Gate Signage will provide your Company with the benefits of high PRESENCE, instant RECOGNITION and REPETITION.

Winning Post Signage Sponsorship

Picture your Company's Logo on the Winning Post - as the horse's race towards the Finishing Line all eyes are focused at this point. Horses pass the Winning Post, the screen shows a slow-motion and freeze-frame shot of the finish, stopping not only on the horses but also on your signage!

The benefits of this positions are:-

MB Winning Post


  • SKY Racing/TVN coverage and free to air Channel
  • Cameras could be stationary at this point for anything up to 15 seconds (especially in tight controversial finishes)
  • A minimum of 120 races per annum would accumulate to approximately 7 minutes of stationary National air time
  • Extremely high visibility of signage to On-course patrons, members and sponsors and the Off-course consumer into TAB's, over 6000 Hotels nationally and private homes via Sky racing/TVN and free to air Channel
  • Ongoing exposure through "Winners" photography and higher probability through press photography
  • An association with the high-profile racing industry.


Mounting Yard Signage Sponsorship


For all sponsorship queries and opportunities contact us now.

Let us organise a great corporate race day for you, your friends and clients.

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