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Murray Bridge Racing Club

Murray Bridge Racing Club was established in 1899 and held its first race meeting at its old location on Maurice Road on July 25th 1914. The new Murray Bridge Racecourse is now situated within 5km of the luscious banks of the Murray River at 342 Brinkley Road, Gifford Hill.


How to get here From Adelaide

Take the South Eastern Freeway (Princess Highway).

Take the exit towards B55/Murray Bridge/Mannum from the Freeway and continue along Adelaide Road. 

Turn right at Old Swanport Road and continue straight until you reach a roundabout. Turn right at the roundabout onto Brinkley Road.

Continue along Brinkley Road. The Murray Bridge Racecourse entry is approximately 1km along Brinkley Road on your right. 


Dress Code


It is essential that patrons uphold the following standard of dress code when attending the Murray Bridge Racing Club.



Patrons must maintain a smart/neat casual dress standard in the Macquarie and Legends Package.



Acceptable clothing items include:

  • Collared short sleeve or polo top
  • Tailored trousers or shorts/chino pants
  • Covered shoes
  • Clean denim (not torn)



Acceptable clothing items include:

  • Appropriate race wear – skirts, dresses, tailored pants and blazers

  • Covered shoes

  • Clean denim (not torn)


PLEASE NOTE: Clothing items including tattered clothing or shoes, singlets or high-vis workwear, offensive attire, non-racing caps, Fancy Dress/Costumes are specifically not permitted in this package. 



Children under 18 years are expected to maintain a suitable dress standard.



Fancy Dress/Costume is allowed on course in public areas, according to the following criteria.

  • The Fancy Dress/Costume must be in good taste
  • The Fancy Dress/Costume must not have any offensive or derogatory slogans or printing
  • The Fancy Dress/Costume must cover all private areas for both Males & Females and mustnot be susceptible to intentional or unintentional wardrobe malfunctions
  • The Fancy Dress/Costume must not cover or alter the person’s facial appearance
  • The Fancy dress/costume will not be permitted to ANY function or member areas

Strictly nothing that can be found offensive, lewd, or derogatory to any gender, ethnicity or religious group. Anyone not meeting these criteria will not be allowed on course.

In all instances where personal interpretation may be questioned by any party, the Murray Bridge Racing Club Management will have final ruling.

Our Venue Layout - Gold Cup 2023 

Racecourse Map 2023 Gold Cup


Murray Bridge Racing Club Track

MB track dimensions 

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