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FATR - Straight from the Stylist

As the days get a little darker and the weather gets a little cooler, constructing a practical and on trend outfit for racing season can be an overwhelming task.

This can also come with added pressures of both remaining true to your individual style as well as adhering to important guidelines should you wish to enter any Fashion on the Field events.

No need to panic - we have the amazing fashion stylist, Kellie Nobes on hand with some of the key styling advice and guidelines to give you a little helping hand in getting race ready!


Autumn brings with it a seasonal palette of moody hues, pops of deep colour and a play on both warm and cool tones. Burgundy, plum, mustard and forest greens are always a popular choice as well as rusts and burnt oranges and all can be paired back beautifully with gold or black elements. If you’ve been hitting the shops you’d notice bright, bold colours have been evident and trending in trans-seasonal styles. Instead of going full-force in the garments for an autumn race-meet, incorporate them in accessories for a change up and to ensure your look reflects the weather season.


Midi styles in both skirts and dresses are a non-negotiable for race day, and anything above the knee should be kept at home. A unique fashion style for trans-seasonal race meets are palazzo pants or wide culottes, and many labels are currently expanding these ranges. A sleeve in the upper garment is also important, both for the style guidelines and to ensure practical dressing for weather. Thin straps or strapless is not well-suited to autumn race-wear, and should not be worn. Textured blouses or statement blazers are just one way you can draw the eye to the upper body for those that are a little conscious of the lower area. Statement sleeves and woolen textures are still a popular trend and an easy way to have some fun with your outfit.


Closed-toe heels are a necessity for an autumn race-meet and while strappy sandals are a big hit currently, they should be kept for the warmer race-day seasons. It’s also important to consider the appropriateness and durability of the footwear for the race track you are attending. Heel stoppers are a practical and useful tool if you are wanting to wear stiletto styles on wet days. Boots and booties can also be worn to trans-seasonal meets, however ensure they are practical, on trend and compliment your outfit accordingly.


If you are wanting to enter Fashions on the Field wearing millinery or headwear is imperative. These can also be a really great way to showcase your creativity and personality and your ability to construct an overall look from head-to-toe. Popular headwear materials for autumn race-meets include leather, velvet, brocade and wire work. Statement hats and millinery are an excellent and appropriate choice. Trans-seasonal meets can be a little more understated and relaxed so padded headbands, clips and combs and crown styles can still be well utilised as long as they remain in-line with the overall outfit you select.


A vital element when selecting your look is to ensure it reflects your personality and style, and that you feel comfortable and confident in it. Try to remember to pay attention to detail and to be imaginative and creative. Hair and makeup can also be useful tools to finalise your look to perfection and can also be a great confidence boost. If you are thinking about entering Fashions on the Field the best three tips are to consider and practice your stage presence and body language, research the current fashion trends and to most importantly have fun!

A few photos of Kellie and her styling work (courtesy of Kellie's Instagram)


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