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Dan Horrell - A Distinguished Gentleman

Winning the last five Fashion At The Races he has entered, Dan Horrell has a very strong resume. We had a chat with Dan about his preparation methods, how he spends his days and what to look out for when entering a FATR event.


What goes in to your preparation for the men’s category of Fashion At The Races?

Firstly, it is important to understand and respect the traditions of racing. For example, you wouldn’t step foot onto a racecourse on Derby Day in a bright purple suit.

I look to see if there is a theme associated with a particular race meeting and this will influence my outfit and preparation. E.g A breast cancer fund raiser, I think pink with warm colours, at Mindarie Halidon, in the Mallee I think wheat and related colours. This will influence me, sometimes only in a small way like a lapel pin, tie or other accessories.


What do you see as the Autumn trends trackside?

Autumn would have to be a favourite of mine. I love tweed and the “peaky blinders” look. Go for a walk through the Adelaide Hills and just notice the change in colours on the trees, from burgundy to all the greens, then to a mustard yellow for a great tie. Last year at Oakbank as it was over 30 degrees I still went with Tweed as this is what the judges asked for, it was toasty but this may have helped with their final decision.

Hoping for a slightly cooler day at Oakbank this year.


Who do you look to for inspiration when preparing for a FATR event?

I like to look my best and take pride in my appearance, I review my past successes, looking at other winners across the country at different race meetings and what  they have worn. I try to identify a point of difference whether it be tie, shirt, shoes, pocket watch or an old styled hat; I love watching older movies where it was all about classy suits and swagger but I have to be comfortable with what I am wearing. Also listening to advice from retailers can be a real help so don’t be afraid to ask people you are purchasing off “does this match, or does this look right?"


What are you non-negotiables for a day at the races?

I have to be comfortable with my outfit and my preparation (like any good race horse).There should be no rush, so present in a calm, relaxed yet confident manner.

In regards to fashion, stick to the basics; belt should match the shoes, and the tie and handkerchief should compliment each other also.


Describe your personal style.

I really love the social side of the races and nothing beats a win. You will always hear me cheering on a horse sometimes thinking the horse can actually hear me through the tv, so my style would be loud, I am not afraid to wear pink/salmon pants for example even though the repercussions from the lads might be a chuckle or two. You have to be brave sometimes and wear something different. I have a competitive winning streak and I like winning as much as I like looking my best.


What does a normal day look like for you?

I live in Morphettville and arise at 5am to roast coffee and have a coffee shop (Sublime Coffee SA) there, I love customer service and meeting everyone in the area. I am just lucky enough to be around the right people everyday talking horses and and being an owner myself, I can't complain.

After work I head to the stables to chat and feed the horses, then go home to cook (which is a hobby of mine) and put the tv over to 78 ( to catch up on the latest racing news.


 Check out some of his looks below.

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