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Fashion At The Races - Roxby Downs

You would be forgiven for thinking that the red dirt of Roxby Downs and Fashion would be used in the same sentence, but here we are!

The 2021 Roxby Downs Cup was splashed with colour and impressive headwear, playing host to the Fashion At The Races event.

Coming off a Best Dressed prize at the Quorn Cup, Victoria Penfold backed this up winning the Ms Outback 2021 sash.

We spoke with Victoria to hear about her winning outfit and love for all things fashion and horses.

Tell us about your winning outfit

My Roxby outfit I stuck to blues and straw textures. I had a bold printed skirt and kept the top plain coloured but in a statement style for maximum effect! I tied in the straw texture and natural colour from the boater to the bag with a hint of blue for the skirt and matched the taupe ribbon colour to my shoes! Earrings were a classic staple piece which are universal to many of my outfits!

What did the planning process look like?

First of all I looked for a statement piece for my outfit that I could build the rest from! As soon as I saw my skirt buy designer Victoria Beckham it totally caught my eye, the colours really popped at me for spring and the length was perfect! Plus, I’m also really obsessing over pleats at the moment, so I had to buy it! I then found a plain coloured statement top to compliment but not compete with the skirt and found country accessories to match!

Where did your love from fashion racing come from?

I only heard the term “Fashions on the Field’ within the last 12 months! I started going to race days with friends and was in awe of all the wonderful dresses and millinery and instantly new it was something I could see myself doing! With no knowledge of fashion started following trends and looks and thought I'd give it ago at one of our horse shows and that’s where my obsession began. 

Who are your style icons?

That is a tricky question there is so many amazing Australian FATR influencers who I look up to! If I had to name only one, I would say Milano Iami!

What products are a non-negotiables in your bag for the races?

I'm usually very basic and have my money, phone and mask! Some lippy and face powder is very useful when I remember!

Describe your personal style

I describe my personal style as fun and unique! I like to be quite bold with shapes and prints. You can never go wrong with a good skirt and top combo! Super effective for bringing in more elements of the outfits and super practical for re-using and mix & matching for other FATR events!

How do you spend your time when you’re not at racing events?

Running my Business or with my horses! Horses are such a passion of mine and a massive part of my life! Free time is spent at the stables socialising and working the horses. 

What is your style advice for first-time race goers?

Dress how you feel comfortable, create your own style and stand proud! Confidence is beautiful.

Vicki Penfold

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